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El Missiano Del Gato

The title that my partner gave my feral/stray cat feeding station is El Missiano Del Gato. (If you speak Spanish and know of a more accurate title, please let me know. I don’t think my fella knew Spanish very well.) A number of people have asked about this structure so I figure it’s worth telling . . . → Read More: El Missiano Del Gato


Shy Cats & A Shiny Bright House

I recently discovered that my house cleaner, Shannon Westcott of Shiny Bright (402-5451) is very attuned to shy cats. Not only does she transform my house into a sparkling clean place, while she is here she is careful to not startle my shy & anxious cats. I can highly recommend Shannon (and Ruby, who works . . . → Read More: Shy Cats & A Shiny Bright House


Small Animal Massage Workshop

I attended another really cool, hands-on workshop at my vet (Hawks Prairie Veterinary Hospital) taught by Marnie Black on Tellington Touch (TTouch) and massage. Marnie is licensed in Small Animal Massage and specializes in working with animals who have special needs.


Other participants brought their animals, but since I went to the workshop . . . → Read More: Small Animal Massage Workshop


Introducing… Rumi

Rumi is the newest member of my feline family, joining us in June 2010. He’s named after the thirteenth-century Sufi poet, Rumi. (PBS ran a great video about the poet.)

Rumi’s wounds

He’s about the same age as Emma. I met him just hours after he showed up at Feline Friends. The people who . . . → Read More: Introducing… Rumi


Introducing… Emma (M.J.)

Emma during recovery

In January 2010, Snicklefritz (Fritz), Andy and I welcomed a new kitty into our home.

We call her Emma, but the name given to her at Feline Friends was MJ, the initials of a long-time Feline Friends volunteer and supporter who died at the same time that MJ was found.

She . . . → Read More: Introducing… Emma (M.J.)