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Life’s An Itch (Part 2)

The saga continues… My cats are still dealing with some mysterious health condition that causes Rumi & Andy to itch excessively. Emma’s symptoms were different at first and I think the initial problem was taken care of but she then began itching, too.

Emma seemed to be cured following the first lime sulfur dip. Andy . . . → Read More: Life’s An Itch (Part 2)


Life’s An Itch

It’s time that I write a post (or two or three or…) about trying to solve a problem my cats are dealing with. So far, we don’t know what’s ailing them. We only know their symptoms and a few of the things that are not causing them (due to the process of elimination).

Cat . . . → Read More: Life’s An Itch


Introducing… Raggedy Andy Dusty

I live near a large patch of old growth forest where I’m sure people toss cats they can no longer care for. There is also a fairly large feral cat population.

Kells Missiano Del Gato

I provide food, fresh water, shelter, and warm bedding for these cats in a building that I call “Missiano . . . → Read More: Introducing… Raggedy Andy Dusty