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Sitters In the Oly Land

Out of the dozens of sitters in our area, there are only a few to whom I’m comfortable referring people when I’m unavailable or am not the ideal fit for them. Based on comments I’ve heard from their clients and also my own interactions with other pro sitters, I’ve whittled down my short list of “the best” sitters in our area to those listed below. I do sometimes mention others sitters not listed here who might be a good fit for some people.

I suggest meeting several pet sitters before deciding who to work with. Since you’re leaving your animals (and your home) in a sitter’s hands, you should trust the sitter to act on your behalf in any emergency. By meeting several reliable professionals, you can choose the person who you and your pets best click with. Also, if your usual sitter isn’t available, it’s helpful to already know another sitter who can be your Plan B.

Amy (and co) of Oh My Dog (https://ohmydogsitters.com/) provides overnight or daily visits for all types of animals in the greater Olympia area. Like me, Amy specializes in companions with special medical or mobility needs. They provide excellent care and get rave reviews from everyone I’ve talked with about working with them. Amy is especially gifted with timid and cautious cats and dogs.

Julie Norton of Tails and Trails (https://www.tailsandtrailsllc.com/) works will all types of companion animals, primarily in the southeast Olympia/Lacey area: Boston Harbor, South Bay, Hawks Prairie, Jubilee, etc. Julie came to pet sitting from a career as a veterinary assistant so she’s comfortable and experienced handling any health issue you can imagine. She gives their mental and emotional health as much weight as their physical health, so she’s like me when it comes to ensuring they remain engaged and stimulated while their human family members are away. Like me, she feels like everyone she cares for is part of her extended family and she treats them as if they were her own.

Deanna McKinney of Home Sweet Home Pet Care (http://homesweethomepets.net or 360-292-9401) works with all types of domestic and farm animals in downtown Olympia and eastern areas of our cities – including DuPont! She also does great work with special needs pets, including helping her own animals go through chemo. Deanna has decades of pet care experience and for years has volunteered with animal welfare groups and wildlife rehabilitation. She’s a consummate professional who is always doing professional development of some kind.

Bridget Korman of Westside Pet S.O.S. (www.westolypet.com) primarily works with weekday dog-walking clients on the Westside. She pet sits one weekend each month so her regular clients know to schedule their vacations accordingly. Bridget is a very gifted dog walker and sitter who pays close attention to ensure every gets as much activity as is healthy for them. I greatly admire and respect her, as does every other sitter who knows her. And her clients all adore her. She also supports Old Dog Haven (www.olddoghaven.org).

Anna Mumaw of Fuzzy Faces Pet Care (www.fuzzyfacespetcare.com) focuses on doggie daycare at her 3-acre fenced property on the Westside. Anna has a loyal following of clients who rave about her so I think Oly is lucky to have Anna here, providing superior service with an enormous smile on her face. If I could be reincarnated as a dog who gets to spend time at Auntie Anna’s house, I would sign up for that! She’s also smart, creative, professional, and supports Old Dog Haven (www.olddoghaven.org).

If none of the sitters above are available, visit my “Finding Professional Pet Care Providers” page for tips on getting exhaustive lists of professional pet sitters in our area and on how to choose a reliable, professional sitter.