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Pet Industry Clients

I do not accept payment for the products and services that I write about on this site. I only express my honest opinion of specific products and services mentioned on the web pages on this site. From time-to-time, companies give me samples, but I do not allow these gifts to influence my reviews.

That said, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful organizations in the pet industry: veterinarians, retail stores, food and supplies manufacturers, authors, animal welfare organizations, etc. I’ve worked with these institutions in my work with another company I was a partner in; my work as a freelance writer, researcher, editor, and indexer; and before that, when I worked at Mud Bay pet supply store as their Research and Knowledge Manager. My work for companies in the pet industry is independent of my blogging here because I’m committed to remaining objective as I write for my own blog.

If you ever have questions about the companies I’ve worked with in those other capacities, just ask.