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Key Policies

The Meet-n-Greet is a great time to give me a copy of your keys. If I make special trips to pickup or return keys, I charge a Key Pickup/Return fee.

My key cabinet

Unless you ask to opt out, I keep your keys on file so they’re at-the-ready for current and future services. (I call this the Ready Key Program.)

I safeguard keys by tagging them using a coding system that it’s not easy for someone to connect a specific key to a specific name or address. I store keys in a locked cabinet – like the one on the right – that’s hidden in my house, and the key to this cabinet is also hidden. (My paper files about clients are in a locked vertical file in order to safeguard information, as well.)

When you return home, I’ll store your keys until:

  1. You wish to have me return for additional Service Periods.
  2. You arrange for repossession of the keys.
  3. You arrange for destruction of the keys.

If you opt out of having me hold on to your keys, there are several key exchange options:

  • My preference is to return keys by personally delivering them to you (or your chosen representative). If I make special, out-of-my-way trips to exchange keys, a Key Pickup/Return fee may be assessed for each pick-up and drop-off attempt.
  • You can use postal mail to send keys to me prior to any service period. I will return keys through the mail upon request, but please read the information in the Service Agreement (contract) about liability when keys are sent through the mail.
  • We can use a key safe / lock box if you have one at your home instead. These are available from most hardware stores.

One of many styles of key safes / lock boxes.