Before June 1998, I presented and wrote under the name Kari Bero.

Inside Indexing: The Decision-Making Process
Inside Indexing, a book I co-authored with Sherry Smith, is about the decision-making process of indexing. It serves as a window into the minds of two indexers as we both indexed Eben Fodor’s text, Better Not Bigger: How to Take Control of Urban Growth and Improve Your Community.
“Indexing classes offered by the Graduate School (USDA)” Information – Wissenschaft & Praxis the journal for the German Society for Information Science (DGI), Fall 2007.
This was a special indexing-focused,English-language issue. Abstract: “This article provides an overview of the two indexing courses offered by the Graduate School (USDA), which teach several hundred students from around the world every year. These two courses are the most popular indexing classes in the United States and until recently were the only practice-oriented, self-paced indexing classes in the English-speaking world.”
“Library faculty continue to do outstanding work” Update (newsletter for faculty and staff of the Pierce College District).October 17, 2005
I was interviewed for an article in Update that described recent books written by two library faculty. I was interviewed about my experience co-authoring Inside Indexing and Kathy Swart discussed co-authoring of On Becoming a Productive University: Strategies for Reducing Costs and Increasing Quality in Higher Education.
“How do I index thee? Indexers count the ways” April-June and October-December 2004 Keywords: the newsletter of the American Society of Indexers.
I wrote this two-part article about the variety in the indexing processes of professional indexers, thanks to contributions from several other indexers. This was inspired by an old article from The Indexer titled “Six Ways We Work” (v.20 n.2).
“About Us”, “Answers and Insights”, “Statistical Snapshot of Our Membership”, Summer 2001 , Spring 2000, Fall 1999, Summer 1999, Spring 1999, Fall 1998, Spring 1998, PNW Chapter News (newsletter of the Pacific Northwest Chapter, American Society of Indexers).
This regular feature of the PNW/ASI newsletter includes questions posed to members and their answers.

“How Did You Get Here?” (interview by Mary Ratcliffe), Fall 1999 PNW Chapter News (newsletter of PNW/ASI).
As the title indicates, Mary Ratcliffe interviewed several indexers and shared their descriptions of how they heard about indexing, learned how to index, and landed their first clients.
“The Underappreciated Art of Indexing” (interview Annette Young), May 1999 The Write Stuff Contractor Community Site.
Annette Young, an Indexer for the Encarta group at Microsoft, interviewed me for background information included in this article which was mounted on a restricted web site and as such is unavailable to those without an account (sorry).
“Kari Kells: Portrait of an Indexer” (interview by Fran Smith), Fall 1998 PNW Chapter News (newsletter of PNW/ASI).
Fran Smith, a friend and colleague, interviewed me for this publication’s regular column featuring one member of the PNW chapter of ASI.
“ABCs of Indexing: Balancing Business with Life” (contributor), Jan/Feb 1998 Keywords: the newsletter of the American Society of Indexers.
“ABCs of Indexing” is a regular column in Keywords, and this particular issue dealt with how freelance indexers balance their business responsibilities with their personal lives (which most freelancers struggle with every day).
“Inside the indispensable index”, October 1997 (v.2 #10/19) SPAN Connection: the official newsletter of the Small Publishers Association of North America.
Many small publishers don’t know where to begin when they need to include an index in one of their books. In this article, I suggested ways of finding reputable indexers, discussed the kinds of questions they should ask potential indexers, and explained some questions indexers would ask them.
Marketing on the World Wide Web: Selling without Hustling“, March/April 1996 Keywords: the newsletter of the American Society of Indexers.
This article discusses just what the title says — how to use the Web as a marketing tool for a freelance indexing business.
QuickTips, 1996-2007 for Pierce College Library.
I created and maintained a series of dozens of handouts addressing user needs at Pierce College Library in Lakewood and Puyallup, Washington.