I thrive on variety and have enjoyed working with many publishers in an enormous variety of disciplines.

Below is a partial list of my clients, illustrating the variety of disciplines and publishers with which I’ve worked.

Computer and technical manuals
  • Microsoft Press has been one of my biggest clients since the mid-1990s. I index books for a wide range of skill levels, from beginning  software users to IT professionals. I’ve indexed a number of their books geared toward people working on Microsoft Certifications.
  • Peachpit Press has been one of the leading publishers of technology books for decades. I’ve been working with them since the mid-1990s.
  • Gateway Software Corporation
  • Visio Software, before Microsoft purchased it, was a wonderful Seattle company that I enjoyed working with.
“And our indexer, Kari Bero, seems to inhale the soul of a book and magically exhale an extensive index.”~ from the Acknowledgements of the At A Glance series for Microsoft Press. (Before 1998 I indexed under the name Kari Bero.)

  • Fire Protection Publications is another of my biggest clients. (I’ve learned more about fires and firefighting than I ever thought I’d know. All a part of the fun of doing freelance indexing!)
“We’ve had good [indexes] before, but yours are the best.” ~ Lynne Murnane of Fire Protection Publications

Health Sciences
  • Sage Publications is one of the best known publishers of scholarly, educational, and professional texts.

Human Rights
  • Kluwer Law International is now part of Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, which publishes in-depth, expert-authored, English language texts mainly about international law and business.

Pacific Northwest
  • Sasquatch Books is perhaps the most well-known publisher in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Confluence Press publishes books in the humanities, primarily literary nonfiction, folklore, and history.

Library and Information Science