Finding Indexers

I’m happy to refer people to other indexers when my schedule is full or when I think someone with different expertise is better suited to your project.

If you’ll be working with an indexer for the first time, take a look at “Contracting With Indexers” page for information on choosing indexers. (It includes a list of questions to consider asking indexers before signing a contract).

Indexers I Know

I know many indexers with varied backgrounds to whom I am comfortable referring clients.

(If you’re listed below, please let me know if I need to update your link!)

(Indexers are listed here under the name they prefer to have listed: business name or personal name. As an indexer, it makes me a bit uncomfortable to format these list entries inconsistently. But I believe it’s a higher priority to honor indexers’ preferences in formatting their listing here.)

Stephanie Bush(Wise Word Solutions)

Candace Hyatt Indexing Services

Wendy Bower Catalano (Last Look Editorial)

Colleen Dunham

Linnea Dwyer (Linnaeus Indexing Services)

Gabe Indexing Services (Marie Gabe)

Hurwitz Indexing (Shoshana Hurwitz)

Cynthia Landeen

Cheryl Landes

Jennifer Lillich

Linda Mamassian

Dena Marchant

Debbie Olson

Janet Perlman

Dona Roell

Salmon Bay Indexing (Beth Nauman-Montana)

Janyne Ste. Marie

Scott Smiley

Sherry Smith

Maria Sosnowski

Stepping Stones Indexing Services (Terri Corry)

Mary Stevens

Jan Wright

Write Guru (Judi Gibbs)

L. Pilar Wyman

Indexers I Don’t Know

If none of the indexers I refer you to are available, stop by one of the indexer directory services listed below. Please note: folks listed in these directories do not go through any screening process beyond paying for their listings.

Martin Tulic’s “Other Indexers” list
Martin’s list is the most thorough list of indexers in existence. It’s arranged by topic and type of indexing, regularly updated, includes brief descriptions of services; and Martin doesn’t charge a fee for being listed. This is the best place to start a search.
Directory of Indexers in the Pacific Northwest
This list includes members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society of Indexers who pay additional fees to be listed in this directory.
Indexer Locator
Members of the American Society of Indexers who pay additional fees are listed in this directory.