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Activity Journal

I love writing journal-like notes about my time with dogs and cats so their humans can see what we get up to together.

“Our evening vacation ritual now includes ‘ the Buddie Report’. We all sit together in the living area as I read aloud the news from home. We all love the way you write. We feel like we’re there playing with you and Buddie.” ~ Buddie’ humans

I used to hand-write the notes (as in the sample below) & leave them at the house. These days, most folks prefer for me to send email or texts (with photos & videos) so they get updates while they’re still away. Some people have me phone them, instead. Whatever format you prefer is fine with me.

“The daily texts really eased my mind. And they weren’t just “all is well” but very personal info about my babies. When we thought something might be wrong with one of them, your care & concern was outstanding. And you spoiled them.”  ~ Mom to 9 cats & 2 dogs (Becky)

daily activity report sample