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New family/cuddle buddies needed for PrettyGirl

My name is PrettyGirl & I’m looking for a new family. My family can’t keep me anymore so I’m living with my cat sitter while she helps me find my new family. My dream would be to live indoor-only with a homebody who is retired or who works from home & wants a kitty sitting on or next to them all day & night. I’m the best work-from-home supervisor you could ever want! Do you know someone who would like me to join their family?

My foster mom made a video of me so you can see my personality before meeting me. (Look through my online photo album & YouTube playlist if you want to see more.)

I’m around 8 years old, affectionate, & shy with strangers. My former family & my foster mom say I win the award for the World’s Most Perfect Cat. I’m an expert cuddler: I’m not annoyingly clingy; I’m just very affectionate. I’ll join you when I know you’re settling in for a long nap or video binge session. I’ll skip over for a quick snuggle when you’re just sitting for brief pause. I’m quick to learn house rules & I’m never naughty. I like playing with laser pointers, peacock feathers, & plastic easter eggs. I get along well with other cats. (But if they like to cuddle with their people, they might feel left out cuz I want so much lap time.)

20210221_112654-sizedMy new family must be calm, quiet, & stress-free. I’m very sensitive to people’s moods & have urinary tract health issues that only flare up if my loved ones are upset. They need to know that I hide from strangers until I’m reassured that they’re safe & won’t hurt me. It’s important that they understand my boundaries & know the difference between ME rubbing my face against their hands vs THEM using their hands to rub my face. Sometimes I have very clear boundaries about this. Also I have selected some beds in my house where I sleep when I do not want to be touched. (Like when I sense that somebody is upset.) It’s important that people respect these boundaries.

I’m spayed & my vet says I’m quite healthy.

  • I’m negative for feline leukemia & FIV.
  • I have a lumpy bump on my tail that doesn’t bother me so I haven’t had surgery. But it would be fine to remove it if you want to. My Dr says “It’s either a benign skin cancer or a skin cyst. It should be regularly kept clean and monitored; and removed if it starts growing rapidly, changing appearance, or becoming bothersome. Keep a photo diary to show vet every 6-12 months.” A photo diary is a great idea! Every inch of me is pretty, you know.
  • When I sense that my loved ones are stressed or upset, I develop bladder/urinary tract inflammation & infections. (That’s why I need a calm, stable family & serene home.) I must eat high quality wet food to keep my urinary tract healthy. I love dry kibble so I’m allowed to have some but it must be a special formula. Dr Vanessa Rabito at Banfield is my vet & I hope she remains my primary care doctor. She is the best local doctor for cats with urinary issues cuz one of her own kitties has urinary issues so she has geeked out on lots of remedies. Another local vet who would be a very good match for me is Dr Kim Martin at the Holistic Veterinary Center / Hawks Prairie Vet Hospital. She has a better understanding of how stress impacts health than most DVMs.

When I come to my new home, I’ll bring some things with me. I have a special little tent that I hide in when I want to feel safe. (It folds up for easy storage when I go through phases of not hanging out inside of it.) I will bring some of my favorite toys & a blanket because smelling these items reminds me that lots of people love me. (I like to hear that I’m being moved to new places because I’m so loved, not because I’m being discarded.) I’ll also bring some of my food & supplements that reduce my anxiety.

If you want to meet me, contact my foster mom to arrange a meeting. Please note:

  • We require face masks & social distancing even though my humans are fully vaccinated.
  • If you & I like each other, foster mama wants to visit your home to see if it’s a good place for me.
  • My new family must sign an adoption contract & pay a $50 adoption fee to help offset a wee bit of the money spent on my vet bills & supplies. (To be honest, this is really just to weed out people looking for free cats that they can turn around & sell to lab research companies.)

I hope to meet my new family soon. I’m sure they will read this post & realize that I am the cuddle-bug that they’ve been looking for. The sooner they contact my foster mama, the sooner they can have me curled up next to (or on top of) them.


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