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Homemade Dog Treats by KOBE EATS (video)

One of my favorite uplifting activites during the coronavirus pandemic is to follow KOBE EATS on Instagram & YouTube.

Recently Kobe made homemade dog treats for his buddy Kevin’s birthday. The simple recipe is included in the video caption. I love seeing Kevin supervise and help Kobe. It’s rare to see him doing anything besides . . . → Read More: Homemade Dog Treats by KOBE EATS (video)


Street dog helps see Chinese nurse through virus traumas (news)

I saw this uplifting article among the human interest stories and just have to share it with you: “Street dog helps see Chinese nurse through virus traumas” . It’s about a stray dog now named Doudou (which translates to “Bean”) who was rescued by Zhang Dan, a nurse at the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital in Wuhan . . . → Read More: Street dog helps see Chinese nurse through virus traumas (news)


National Puppy Day! (March 23)

Happy National Puppy Day!

This national day was established in 2006 to raise awareness about puppy mills and to encourage prospective dog families consider adoption of shelter/rescue dogs rather than to purchase dogs bred solely to generate income for a person or business.




There is a PAWmicon?! Yes, for real! OMG! I just heard about this event (by watching this video on the BBC News site) and think it’s a brilliant idea for dogs and cats who like to dress up and socialize with other cosplay critters. I can’t stop chuckling about this concept.

According to their . . . → Read More: PAWmicon?!?


Meet New Zealand’s ‘First Cat’

I don’t watch or listen to mainstream media, so I stay up on the news through independent news sources and also the BBC. I was thrilled to find in my newsfeed this morning this delightful article about NZ’s First Cat, Paddles, right along political news that made me shudder. This news about the NZ prime . . . → Read More: Meet New Zealand’s ‘First Cat’