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My Services During The Pandemic

People are beginning to travel again!

I’ve been available, but haven’t been needed this spring. I’m just sitting at home, poised to leap into action if a client needs me to care for their furry family members because they suddenly go into hospital or has to travel. But for several months I’ve had no pet . . . → Read More: My Services During The Pandemic


Safety First (Covid-19 & Companion Animals)

Tough to resist Lily smooshing her face into my lips!

(Most recent update: September 21.)

Let’s stay informed and avoid panicking. As I learn new info about Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 regarding our little ones, I’ll share it in the comments below.

I’ve had no known exposure, no symptoms, no clients telling me they have . . . → Read More: Safety First (Covid-19 & Companion Animals)


If You’re Happy And You Know It (Posting Customer Reviews)

I cringe about doing this, but I’d like to invite you to post reviews of my business on Yelp, Google, NextDoor, Angie’s List, or any other review site you really like.

Asking clients for honest (hopefully pawsitive) reviews is pretty much all I can do to protect my business against a man who began harassing . . . → Read More: If You’re Happy And You Know It (Posting Customer Reviews)


Introducing… Tootie

On April 8 2018, Rumi was jazzed to meet his new sibling, Tootie! Sorry that I waited so long to introduce this baby to you. I wanted to wait until this little one had a name and finding the right name was a big challenge this time. (More on that below.)

Tootie the Goofball!

. . . → Read More: Introducing… Tootie


Lucky To The Very End (Hospice Cat Update)

Last week, Lucky Lester‘s life ended. For the first few months with us, he kept improving. Initially able to use his hind legs only a tiny bit and eventually so strong that he even climbed stairs to sleep on a bed surrounded by windows or on a different bed to sleep with me at night. . . . → Read More: Lucky To The Very End (Hospice Cat Update)