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The Joy Luck Sub (Coverage When Kari’s Not Available)

Auntie Suze has retired and I haven’t been able to find a replacement. So I now manage my days off the same way that other pet sitters do: I’ll ask you to make the arrangementsĀ for cat care on days when I’m not available.

If I’m not available for a day or two of your trip, no worries. We can easily plug in someone else to fill the gap. Some of the ways my clients handle cat care when I’m not available for a day or two of their trip:

  • Ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to fill in for me on the days I’m not available.
  • Have the cats skip a day. Note: this makes me anxious, but I can live with this if it’s just one day and your cats are young and healthy.
  • Ask one my favorite local sitters to work as a tag-team with me. (See below)

Using another pro to fill in for me

My short list of favorite local sitters includes people I’m comfortable working with and all of them are happy to help my clients on days when I’m not available. None of them will be surprised to hear from my clients asking them to fill in for a day or two here and there. (There’s one exception, described in detail on that list)

I’m very picky about who I add to that list. I’m confident that all of these sitters provide the same high standard of care, attention, love, and professionalism that you’re used to. I have great relationships with all of them and I’m cool sharing care of your loved ones with them. We’re comfortable communicating with each other about any details we want one another to know about when we’re handing the baton back and forth.

I’ll always tell you if there is one specific sitter who I think would be the best match for your little ones.

It’s best to hatch your back-up plan ASAP before the need arises.

When you’re able to plan ahead, ask me about the month you’re traveling. I still anticipate working straight through a two-week period most months so you can have me be the auntie-on-duty without interruption.

How this works

  1. Contact the person you select as the substitute.
  2. When you ask me about each specific trip, I’ll let you know if there are days when I’m unavailable. If so, contact your Plan B sitter to get on their schedule.
  3. When I confirm dates and fees just prior to your trip, I’ll make sure the substitute sitter is in-the-loop.