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Meet New Zealand’s ‘First Cat’

I don’t watch or listen to mainstream media, so I stay up on the news through independent news sources and also the BBC. I was thrilled to find in my newsfeed this morning this delightful article about NZ’s First Cat, Paddles, right along political news that made me shudder. This news about the NZ prime . . . → Read More: Meet New Zealand’s ‘First Cat’


Cat Ipsum

I won’t bother explaining this one. Either you’ll get it or you won’t. Thanks to Peter Tracy for creating Cat Ipsum!

Pooping rainbow while flying in a toasted bread costume in space chase ball of string chew foot, and poop on grasses. Why must they do that flop over. Favor packaging over toy . . . → Read More: Cat Ipsum


So Bad It’s Good (Silly Snapshots)

I take tons of photos of the animals who call me Auntie Kari, usually trying to get portrait quality pictures or selfies. I always get more bad photos to delete than good photos to keep.

Some of the photos that are not what I was aiming for crack me up! Mouths wide open during meows, . . . → Read More: So Bad It’s Good (Silly Snapshots)


Ready For My Closeup, Auntie Kari (Cat Selfies) 2016

This year I’ve continued to compulsively take selfie-like photos of my animal friends.

Below are a few of my favorites. (Shared with permission.)


Kitty G










. . . → Read More: Ready For My Closeup, Auntie Kari (Cat Selfies) 2016


Igor’s Home Away From Home (Customized Boarding Kennel)

While recently telling someone about this video, I decided to share it here with you. It’s a video showing how a family customized their dog’s boarding kennel so he’d have a home away from home while his humans were on vacation.

I bet a lot of people wish they had the time, money, and . . . → Read More: Igor’s Home Away From Home (Customized Boarding Kennel)