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Jaq The Cat Needs A Forever Home

20150512_133323-editedDo you know anyone who’s looking for a very affectionate, young, indoor-only cat? If so, please tell them about Jaq. (A chic way to spell “Jack”!)

He’s a very sweet boy who LOVES to cuddle and wants attention all the time. He enjoys cuddling sleeping in bed with his foster mama every night, either on her pillow or right up against her. I bet he’ll keep you warm on a cold winter night!

Jaq is one of those rare cats who loves getting tummy rubs so much that he’ll roll over to invite you to rub his belly.

He’s about 7-8 months old and still has that kitten energy when it comes to playtime. He goes bonkers when playing with feather toys and chasing a laser pointer. Jaq also enjoys catnip.

Talking is one of his past-times. Jaq will even carry on a conversation with or without someone else participating in the discussion.

His foster mama rescued him from a bad situation and has just scheduled him for neuter surgery and an initial veterinary exam. She says that he always uses the litter box and has never even had an accident.

We’re not sure whether he’s comfortable around dogs, but we think Jaq would do fine in a house with kids and other cats, as long as nobody is aggressive or mean to him. He has been passive when interacting with cats at his foster home: acting submissive and hissing, but not being aggressive.

20150514_151533-editedIf you know of anyone looking for a beautiful, affectionate, playful young cat please contact his foster mama, Jaynel, by text or phone: 360-350-8101.




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