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The FURminator: Judgement Day For Matted Fur & Hairballs

I was recently telling yet another person about the best dog/cat grooming brush EVER: The FURminator. To see videos of the FURminator in action, check out the company’s YouTube channel.

Since I’ve been using it at home, I have seen a reduction in hairballs, hair mattings, and shedding. It’s one of the supplies that’s always in my bag when I’m pet sitting.

“It doesn’t look like $30 brush, but it acts like a $90 brush!”

Typical results of a FURmination if you only use it once a month or so. No kidding!

I got one a couple years ago after seeing a client use hers. She told me that it was expensive, but worth it. Actually she said “it doesn’t look like $30 [the price has gone up to $40-50 since then] brush, but it acts like a $90 brush!” I was stunned by the amount of fur that came off Cassie (a German Shepard Golden Retriever mix) when I first tried it. Particularly since Cassie had been getting FURminated for a few days before I tried it. Its remarkable!

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the amount of fur that comes off in each brushing session. If I didn’t see it in action myself, I wouldn’t have believed its claims. The photo on the FURminator package doesn’t lie  – you will truly get that much fur off a dog even if you FURminate once a week or so. Using it regularly on Andy, his fur doesn’t look thinner or shorter – he’s just as fluffy as ever. That’s because this grooming tool targets on the undercoat, not the primary coat.

I looked into how it’s made, because this product gets off so much more fur that other products. (Also, another client mentioned buying one and she only used it a couple times because she was afraid it was actually shaving her cats.)

So here’s how it works…

Its patented design actually helps thin out dogs’ and cats’ undercoats, which greatly reduces shedding. The angle, length, shape, and metal are uniquely engineered to reach the undercoat without removing guard hairs.

I’ve used two of the cheaper knock-off products and they don’t compare. I’m all for getting a deal and I would recommend a less expensive brush if I found one equally effective. But I haven’t found a good, cheaper version of the FURminator yet.

You can find them at any of the local pet stores, many vet offices, or online.

The scientific term for hairball is trichobezoars. Go ahead, try to pronounce it and you’ll sound like you are trying to cough up a hairball.

(Note: I do not accept payment for mentions or reviews of products and services that I write about on this site.)

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